Rosmini High School

Education for Development

As we all know, a student won’t be complete without the supply of books, thus the school owns a library within the school premise which is furnished with enough tables and chairs to sustain the students in use. Also the library has a variety number of books in all categories such as, class text books of all subjects, historical books, and spiritual books like bibles, novels, story books and magazines.


The school ensures that students get a balanced diet by providing variety of foods such as ugali, rice, beans, vegetables, chicken and fruits, just to mention a few. Thus one has not to worry about his/her Child's food hygiene.


Sports is considered to be of great significance to any individual, by so saying, the school has constructed play grounds within the school premises to allow a variety of games and sports. The play grounds contain a standard football pitch, a new basketball court, volleyball ground and a new netball ground which is still under construction.


For any development to occur within a society, a good transport system is inevitable. The school has ensured this by providing a school bus which is used by teachers for transportation and sometimes the same bus is used by students during the study tours.

Other Activities

The school offers a number of study tours to various places such as Bagamoyo, Ngorongoro, Lushoto, Zanzibar and Mombasa. Also it gives bonus trips to the classes that perform well in the external exams.