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About School.co.tz
School.co.tz is a privately owned website operated from Tanzania. The website has a comprehensive database of local private secondary and primary schools. The website has over 450 registered schools in Tanzania and still has room to accommodate more school profiles. This website receives an average of 1500+ unique visitors per day making about 10,000+ page views. School.co.tz simplify the accessibility of information from schools to parents, students and other education stakeholder.
Online Application

The online application system on school.co.tz is enabled by TIGO Tanzania through their TigoPesa service where applicants are allowed to pay their application fees online. By using our online application system you can easily reach and enroll students from all over the country in just few steps:

1 Parent/Student fill Online Application Form
2 Parent/Student Pay Application Fee Online by TigoPesa
3 Receive the Application right away

The online application will save you the trouble of distributing application forms to all centers across the country and offers you efficient way to collect application Fees.

Teachers will not worry about a pile of hardcopies from different applicants, they can easily login and see them online or print at any time they want.

Who is using it?

Several schools have already enjoyed the fruits of this online application system by receiving students through our website. Such schools like :

Quite a good number of students have also enjoyed the fruit of this innovation by being able to find a school fit for their academic requirements.

It is time to digitize your application process, if your school is not in our database yet, hurry and don’t miss out this chance of being globally accessible at a single school search.

Note : School.co.tz Online Application is fully customizable to meet your needs since application form and attachments required differ from school to school.

School.co.tz developed and managed by FourTech Solution Ltd. Our team is made up of passionate IT and Education specialists who are dedicated to deliver excellent customer service to keep pace with rapidly growth of our platform.

Please don't hesitate to call or email us for further explanation or hands-on demo and see for yourself how our platform will increase efficiency on your application process.