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Morogoro,  Morogoro Mjini
The school is located at Kola " A" near Jordan University.
P.O. Box  1124, Morogoro.
School Info

Montfort Pre & Primary and Special Education School, Morogoro is owned and managed by the Montfort Brothers. The Montfort Brothers of St Gabriel is a congregation of Religious Brothers in the Roman Catholic Church, founded by St Louis Mary Grignion De Montfort. St Montfort was born on 31st January 1673 in France and died on April 1716. He also has founded other Religious congregation for men (Montfort Fathers) and Women (Daughters of Wisdom). He saw God in the poor and committed his life at the service of the poor at France in the 18th century and today his spirit lives on through the members of these Religious Congregation and the numerous other montfortian Associations throughout the world. Montfort Brothers are involved in their Education Mission in 35 countries at present. The Brothers from Indian province of Hyderabad have been working in Tanzania from 1983 and have become an administrative District, from District to province of the East Africa, with the Head office at Dar es Salaam. The province of East Africa has become a legal entity in Tanzania as a Registered Education society. The Brothers are involved in formal and non formal education mission at Dar es Salaam, Rujewa, Njombe, Musoma and Morogoro in Tanzania and Nairobi in Kenya. On 8th of December 2018, we became a Province called Province of East Africa. At present members of the Province are working in Tanzania, Kenya, Rwanda, Burundi and Malawi Mission in collaboration with the Church. The Foundation stone was laid for Montfort Pre & Primary and special Education School, on 27th April 2009 on the feast of St. Montfort, by His Lordship Bishop Telesphor Mkude, the Bishop of Catholic Diocese of Morogoro. Bro.C.A.James was the Director and Superior of the Centre. Symbols of Montfortian Gabrielite spirit are placed in the foundation stone. 1. The cross symbolizing the Wisdom of God. 2. The Holy Rosary symbolizing devotion to Mary which is the surest, shortest and secret way to holiness according to Montfort. 3. Insignia of the Congregation symbolizing the Spirit and Charism of the Congregation Montfort Special Education school Morogoro with an Audiological lab, has started with 12 children on 26th January, 2009 by the Brothers with a vision to empower and rehabilitate the Hearing Impaired Children. On 28th October 2011, Montfort Pre & Primary and Special School was established towards the fulfillment of this vision, to impart integrated and qualitative education to the Hearing Impaired children along with the Normal Children. At present the school is on right track with its special mission and vision to serve the students with the purpose of nurturing equal rights and opportunities to all. It has a specific role to create a just society for God and for the Country in the ways of love, tolerance, national unity, brotherhood, honesty, peace, justice and hard work by offering quality education for the full flowering of human person. It ensures an integrated holistic development of the children's mind, intellect, body and spirit.